BBC radio discussion – women in the workplace

I was up earlier than usual this morning, because at 10:00 – 11:00 I’ll be in a BBC studio discussing a recent report by the Women’s Business Council, widely reported on the BBC and elsewhere:

The gist of the report is that if more women were economically active, the economy would be transformed. The report includes the following wondrous claim, reported in the BBC link above:

Over 2.4m women currently out-of-work want to work, while 1.3m want to boost their hours

What a pile of garbage. Surveys over many years have shown that most women would like to work fewer hours than they do. Indeed a recent survey of 1,200+ women, 25+ years old, in full-time work and with a partner, showed that 78% of them would happily give up work to be supported by a partner, but most felt under pressure from other women to be financially independent:

I’ll put the discussion on our YouTube channel at some point in the coming few days.

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