Women’s work/life balance – my Voice of Russia interview

Louise Mensch, 41, became a Conservative MP in 2010 after being an ‘A-lister’ and selected from an all-women prospective parliamentary candidate shortlist. A fine example of the social engineering of which David Cameron is so fond. Only six months ago Mensch complained in a magazine interview of not being promoted to a senior position, but a week ago announced she was giving up politics after just two years to live with her rich American husband, and her children from an earlier marriage, in New York. The result of all this is expected to be a by-election defeat for the Conservatives. Nice one, Dave.

Voice of Russia asked me in again for a recorded discussion, this time about women’s choices with respect to work and home life. In the studio with me was Lynne Burnham, Secretary of ‘Mothers at Home Matter’. The link to the discussion: