The Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners

My thanks to Helen for bringing to my attention The Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners, an organisation founded in 2009. Website She writes, ‘If the Board members and other members of The Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners can’t provide you with evidence of a positive causal link between ‘improved’ gender diversity on boards and enhanced corporate performance, then who can?’ A good point, Helen, and well made.

I see the IEDP has a Board consisting of seven women and one man. Now that gender ratio  is interesting because it’s the same ratio that exists (on average) across FTSE100 companies’ boardrooms, albeit in the opposite direction. As always in the world of equality and diversity, female domination of senior-level bodies is admirable and to be sustained, while male domination is regrettable and to be destroyed.

I’ve emailed the IEDP the following message, and will let you know of anything that emerges from them. Don’t hold your breath.

Greetings from the Campaign for Merit in Business. You might be interested in the following piece posted by The Institute of Economic Affairs:

I can’t imagine a body of people better qualified than yourselves to provide the elusive evidence for a positive causal link between ‘improved’ gender diversity in boardrooms, and enhanced corporate performance. We’ve been in touch with many organisations and individuals who claim the link exists, but not one has been able to provide a shred of robust evidence. Maybe you’ll be the first organisation to do so? I do hope so. Finding the Higgs-Boson particle was straightforward by comparison. A copy of this message will be posted on the blogs and Have a nice day.