Male FTSE350 company directors to start self-identifying as women to meet government gender quota targets

In 2012 Mike Buchanan gave oral evidence to a House of Commons inquiry, presenting the committee with the already well-established causal link between appointing mmore women to corporate boards, and financial decline. The business sector has cravenly complied with government demands for more women on boards since the publication of the Davies report in 2011.

A piece in today’s Times reports that if new proposals from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are accepted, large firms will be able to meet government recommended gender quotas through male directors self-identifying as women. We were contacted yesterday by a (white male) executive director of a FTSE350 company who says he and another (white male) director plan to do exactly that, to avoid taking on useless “diversity hires”. They are also considering self-identifying as BME to meet a government recommended quota in that area.

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