Ann Francke, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute, wins a ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award

Ann Francke is the CEO of the Chartered Management Institute, which has increasingly become a feminist campaigning organization under her leadership.

Our thanks to Ian for pointing us to a newspaper story concerning a CMI report about the gender pay gap among managers. Ms Francke is quote as saying:

Working for free two hours a day is unacceptable. While some progress is being made, it’s clear from our research that Lord Davies is right to target the executive pipeline. Having more women in senior executive roles will pave the way for others and ensure they’re paid the same as their male colleagues at every stage of their careers.

No mention is made in the newspaper report (or in the feature on the matter on the CMI website) of gender-typical differences in areas such as the following, which could account for most if not all of the observed gender pay gap:

  • work ethic. Dr Catherine Hakim, a world-renowned sociologist, reported in 2000 that four in seven British men are work-centred, but only one in seven British women is. Details here
  • relating to the above point, the relative likelihood of women (compared with men) to work only part-time
  • professional discipline e.g. managerial positions in Finance tend to pay more than in Human Resources, because the supply/demand position tends to be more difficult for Finance positions
  • degree of experience and expertise, which correlates with age. The report admits, ‘The research showed there were fewer older women in executive positions.’
  • sector – public or private? Two thirds of private sector employees are men, two-thirds of public sector employees are women
  • firm size
  • firm market sector
  • individual scope of responsibility e.g. a ‘manager’ may have responsibility for one member of staff or 500, an annual budget of £1 million or £500 million…
  • job characteristics leading to higher pay e.g. extended periods spent away from home, unsocial hours, unpleasant and/or dangerous working conditions, in dangerous countries…

And so it is that Ann Francke is the latest in a series of feminists to win a Lying Feminist of the Month award following comments made about the gender pay gap. Her award certificate is here. The full list of award winners is here.

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