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Our public challenge of Vince Cable, Business Secretary

February 3, 2014

Our attention was drawn this morning to a report on the BBC’s website about an idiotic move by Lloyd’s Bank (link below). If you own any of the bank’s shares, now is the time to sell them. The share price has fallen by 3% already today.

But we were particularly drawn to some truly nonsensical assertions at the end of the piece from Vince Cable, Business Secretary. This has prompted our new public challenge, in the form of a FoI request, seeking the ‘clear’ evidence to support his assertions:

140203 FoI request for Vince Cable

We shall, of course, be publishing the response. DBIS – along with other government departments – has never been able in the past to supply any evidence of a causal link between driving up the proportion of women in senior roles, and enhanced financial performance, and we confidently expect them not to supply any evidence now.

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  1. Cable thinks he is the Ronnie Cray of the Westminster gangsters. That he should be stupid enough, arrogant enough and politically correct enough to make his remarks as reported by the BBC, should surprise no one.

    • Thanks. The only surprise is that long after he and other politicians (notably David Cameron) stopped making such silly statements, after C4MB jumped on him every time he did so, he’s resumed the ‘more women on boards leads to improved profits’ narrative.

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