Albert and Bill, thank you

About an hour ago we were pleased to receive a donation of £20 towards our campaign to fund the fourth candidate for the 2o15 general election. We were intrigued to see the donor entered as ‘Albert and Bill’, and as usual sent an email by way of appreciation, pointing out we haven’t had a ‘dual donation’ before, and could they explain why they’re supporting us? We received the following email from Albert in response, and in a separate email, agreement to our publishing the content:

Bill and I are both pensioners, now in our 80s, and we think the country’s gone to the dogs with the state’s incessant efforts to pacify feminists – a pointless exercise, since feminists won’t be happy until and unless women (and girls) attain supremacy over men (and boys) in all fields – the desirable fields anyway – regardless of the cost to civilised society. Not long to go now before we reach that point, mainly thanks to spineless male politicians such as Blair, Brown, and Cameron.

Bill and I usually go to the local Toby carvery for lunch every Monday, leaving our wives to do whatever wives do when their husbands are out of the house. With a pint or two of bitter the cost is around £10.00 – £12.00 – good value these days – but this time we decided we’d skip the lunch tomorrow, and send your party the money we’ve saved. My wife wasn’t very happy at this, especially after I told her where the money had gone. She told me I can make my ‘own bloody dinner’ tomorrow!

Albert and Bill, we thank you warmly for your generosity. If you’d like to join them in donating what you can afford, we invite you to do so through the following link. With only nine days to go in the current 30-day campaign, we need to raise a further £385 to reach our £1,000 target for another candidate in 2015. Thank you for your support.

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