Please help us raise £415 in the next 14 days (deadline 30 September)

Good afternoon. I hope this finds you well, and enjoying a restful weekend.

I’m writing in connection with our current fundraising campaign, which aims to fund the fourth J4MB candidate for the 2015 general election:

If the £1,000 target isn’t met by 30 September, your donation will be refunded in full.

We’re halfway into the 30-day campaign. Generous supporters have already donated £535, a sum which includes a £100 donation from a student. Our blog post on that donation:

The number of people visiting the J4MB website is almost as high as those visiting the Conservatives’ website – link below – which is surely an indicator of public interest in what our party stands for. We confidently expect to overtake the Conservatives with respect to website visitors in the next month or two.

Please bear with me, then, for asking you to donate what you can afford to the current campaign. I exclude, of course, those who’ve already kindly donated to it – my warm thanks to them. The more candidates we can fund in 2015, the more credible we’ll be as a party, and the more media exposure we can expect.

Thank you for your support. Without you, the party wouldn’t exist. It really is as simple as that.

Best wishes,

Mike Buchanan


T: 07967 026163

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