Bedford Times & Citizen: ‘Mike’s party is catching up with the Conservatives’

I’ll be contesting the Bedford & Kempston seat at the 2015 general election, a Conservative marginal seat which Richard Fuller won for them in 2010 (with a majority of just 1,353 votes) and will lose for them in 2015.

The local paper, Times & Citizen, has been giving J4MB welcome exposure since we launched the party six months ago. Recently the paper printed my letters on abortion law reform and the numerous crises in the NHS (including the local hospital) caused by the 30+ year old policy of driving up the proportion of female doctors. The writer and campaigner Dr Vernon Coleman was writing 30 years ago that the policy would bring the service to its knees, regardless of the amount of taxpayers’ money thrown at the service, because female doctors are far more likely than male doctors to:

– quit the profession altogether

– work part-time rather than full-time

– refuse to work unsocial hours

– refuse to work in the most stressful environments, e.g. A&E.

As usual, Dr Coleman has been proven right.

70% of medical students today are female, and over 50% of GPs. My local GP service is closed at the weekend. The average GP earns £104,000 p.a., won’t be sacked unless found guilty of gross misconduct (incompetence is perfectly acceptable) and is reluctant to work at the weekends. So much for work ethic and concern for patients. The feminisation of the NHS has proven a complete disaster for patients and taxpayers.

We recently posted a piece about the number of visitors to the J4MB website being almost as high as the number visiting the Conservatives’ website, according to independent evidence:

The good folk at Times & Citizen have covered the story:

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