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New campaign to raise £1,000 by September 30, to fund our fourth candidate at the 2015 general election

Good afternoon. We hope you’ve had a restful summer break. We should like to thank our supporters warmly, and our donors in particular. In July we launched our first ‘crowdfunding campaign’, aiming to raise £1,000 to fund the third of … Continue reading

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Gender equality in the workplace

Some months ago I gave oral evidence to a House of Commons inquiry, ‘Women in the Workplace’. On the same panel was Heather McGregor, the owner and chief executive of Taylor Bennett, a London-based recruitment agency. She boasted of the gender balance in … Continue reading

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Our public challenge to Dr Petra Wilton, Director of Policy, Chartered Management Institute

On Woman’s Hour yesterday there was a piece about a recent report which showed that in the UK men on average earn twice the amount in bonuses as women. In the public sector women on average earn more in bonuses than men, … Continue reading

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Institute of Economic Affairs: ’10 female Keynesian economists + 10 male Keynesian economists = 20 Keynesian economists’

The Institute of Economic Affairs (‘IEA’) is universally regarded as being in the very top rank of British think tanks. We were delighted to see an article by Kristian Niemietz (an IEA economist) a couple of days ago, and we’ve just learned of a … Continue reading

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IEA: Gender quotas – the left’s version of trickle-down economics?

An excellent new piece by Kristian Niemietz of the Institute of Economic Affairs: The IEA remains the only think tank in the UK prepared to give any exposure to this issue. We were grateful to have a blog piece on this … Continue reading

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The impact of feminising workplaces

I’ve written at length about the impact of feminising workplaces, as have others. I see that the government has just given £500 million of taxpayers’ money to Accident and Emergency departments to help them deal with their staffing ‘crisis’. But why … Continue reading

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