We’ve reached our first fundraising campaign target of £1,000. Thank you.

An existing donor has just contributed £40 towards our campaign to fund a third candidate in 2015, which means we’ve reached our target of £1,000. I should like to thank both him and all the other donors for helping us reach the target in the first 22 days of our 60 day campaign. If donations keep flowing in at this rate over the 23 months before the 2015 general election, we’ll be able to fund our target of 30 candidates.

This campaign ends 3 August. Any excess over £1,000 will be used to kick-start the next campaign, for a fourth candidate. Thank you for your support.


One thought on “We’ve reached our first fundraising campaign target of £1,000. Thank you.

  1. This is a key article about radical feminism.


    The key line: The key to modern Western civilization is its openness to talent wherever found. The feminist demand for collective quotas has overturned this basic feature of our civilization. The crucial point is that the character of a civilization is revealed by its understanding of achievement. European civilization responded to achievement wherever it could be found. To replace achievement by quota entitlements is to destroy one civilization from within and to replace it with another. We are no longer what we were.

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