Women at the top

An interesting report from the BBC:


Until today we were told the four senior people allegedly involved in the cover-up at the Care Quality Commission (‘CQC’) were ‘Mr E’, ‘Mr F’. ‘Mr G’ and ‘Mr J’. All are, in fact, women:

Cynthia Bower – former chief executive

Jill Finney – deputy chief executive

Louise Dineley – head of regulatory risk and quality

Anna Jefferson – media manager

As far as I’m concerned, these women are innocent until and unless found guilty of the allegations. But it’s significant that the individuals were initially presented as being men. It flies in the face of the assertion – confidently and frequently made by feminists and others – that we could expect higher levels of integrity if there were more ‘women at the top’.

One thought on “Women at the top

  1. To find the truth in feminism it is always, sadly, necessary to look in the opposite direction they are pointing.


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