£200 donation from a pensioner

Nine days ago we set up a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign to raise £1,000 to fund another J4MB candidate for the 2015 general election:


The campaign has another 51 days to run (to 3 August) but donations have already reached £601. If we don’t reach the £1,000 target by 3 August, all donations will be returned to donors in full. If we pass the target before 3 August, any sums beyond £1,000 will go towards funding more candidates. We plan to field 30 candidates at the 2015 general election.

This morning we received a £200 donation from a pensioner, HS. His details aren’t shown on the website because he chose to stay anonymous, but his email address is visible to us, so I emailed him to thank him for the donation, and asked him if he’d like to explain the motivations behind it. He replied, and I have his permission to reproduce his reply here:

I’m a pensioner, and every year I set aside £200 from my pension payments to pay for a short holiday. I’ve got to an age – 84 – where I’m not as mobile as I once was, and I was in two minds about whether to have a holiday this year, or not. I decided I couldn’t think of a more worthwhile use for the money, than to help you fund another candidate at the next election.

I can barely contain my rage at what’s happened to British society over the past 50 years, and the past 30 in particular. A small minority of men-hating women declared war on men, and the state has helped them – and women in general – assault men (and boys) on so many levels. It continues to do so. I’ve seen a steady poisoning of relationships between men and women, which has led to the dysfunctional society we see all around us today. And it’s not only men who suffer. Most women and children suffer, too.

I’m sick to death of the constant assaults on men’s interests, and they get worse with each passing year. An example is the current crisis in the NHS, caused by a huge influx of female doctors (I believe 70% of medical students today are women). Most female doctors quit the profession, or work part-time, and refuse to work unsocial hours. The result is an ever-worsening service, for which the taxpayer pays ever more. The (Conservative) Health Minister Anna Soubry has the gall to say the ‘solution’ is to train yet more doctors (mostly women, needless to say) at a cost of £250,000 each. Most of the tax burden falls on men. THIS IS INSANE.

I see feminist thinking behind most, if not all, the assaults on men and boys. My grandson’s wife had an affair, the marriage ended in divorce, she ended up with the house and children – who adored their father – and while poisoning their impressionable young minds towards him, she denied him access to them even in the face of Custody Orders (which the courts wouldn’t enforce).

He’s been close to suicide quite a number of times (I can quite understand why the F4J member defaced a portrait of the Queen yesterday). We shouldn’t be surprised the suicide rate among British men is three times higher than that among British women. I don’t think most men’s suicides should be attributed to ‘failings’ on those men’s parts. Many of those men have simply reached the point where their lives have objectively become not worth living. The state tells men in distressing circumstances to go hang themselves. We shouldn’t be too surprised that so many of them do.

I’m a lifelong Conservative voter, but under David Cameron the party has been a disaster, following the feminist agendas of Harriet Harman and her like. Dear God, when you compare Cameron with Margaret Thatcher… I’ll end here before my blood pressure goes through the roof.

Thank you for all you’re trying to do for men and boys (and women and children in general). I don’t know if I’ll live long enough to see your party succeed in its aims, but I hope I do. Good luck.

I don’t mind admitting HS’s email brought a lump to my throat, and we thank him warmly both for his generosity, and for his explanation of why he donated the sum.

If you can make a donation to our campaign for more candidates in 2015, however small, I should be very grateful. We’re working hard to make the future brighter for men and boys (and the women who love them). Nobody associated with J4MB draws any income from donations. Thank you.



One thought on “£200 donation from a pensioner

  1. HS – I take my hat off to you! What leadership! At last some balanced, MALE wisdom, and it could only come from someone who is older and still has a perspective on this. I am in my mid sixties and see it just the same way. I know men in their forties who are too feminised to be able to see it and are all messed up, and younger men in their 20s and 30s? I just despair for them. In fact I grieve for them, as a father for his sons.

    All around me, I see fine young men, with dreams and hopes, and talent: with love and integrity – and honour who simply don’t know how to be men anymore, such is the onslaught that Feminism (described, incidentally, by Margaret Thatcher as ‘poison”) has had on them.

    This pernicious, society-destroying, ill thought-through ideology, based as it is on lies and gross insult to men, and so readily espoused by their mothers, their sisters, their peer group females – and, as you so rightly point out successive governments, in their lifetime (the Blair/Booth regime with that Harman woman, and now the Cameron/Clegg duo with their ‘spouses’) is rupturing the very fabric of normal life, destroying relationships, decency, respect, appropriate roles, our young people (girls as well as boys if the truth be known) and our economy.

    Our boardrooms are under siege by women who are becoming token non-executive directors (earning a minimum of £30k a year for less than a dozen attendances – nice little earner), and we are rapidly moving to become a nation of part-timers – actually women part-timers. I don’t care what any of the dishonest (and mostly rather empty-headed and stupid) ideologues say, part-time workers are not as committed as full timers, and women do not by and large engage in full time, whole of life employment like men do because – hello? – they bear children.

    As to the Queen’s portrait incident. Has anyone noticed the complete absence of balanced reporting of it? No mention of the background to the misdeed. No in-depth analysis of the underlying issues. No reporting of the human interest – the hurts this man has suffered, the damage to his children by not having a rather in their lives, the role of the state in it all. Nothing, other than a perfunctory (and rather condescending) reference to the link with Fathers4Justice? Why? Because the media are wholly infiltrated by these feministas (men and women) and there is an all too obvious (and wholly unprofessional) conspiracy of silence that ill-befits the noble profession of journalism to tell it like it is.

    Like you HS, I could go on but won’t for my own well-being. I have said it before. A backlash is coming, and it could be unpleasant. Men can only take so much taunting and I believe they have got to the point where they are not going to take any more of it. This is now a human rights issue.

    Thank you once again, Sir, for your courage and leadership. “It is sufficient for evil to triumph that good men do nothing” and you have stood up and been counted.

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