A modest contribution to a phone-in debate on BBC Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’

On Tuesday I received an intriguing text message from a valued supporter. It read ‘R4GDITBNOW!’ I hastily opened the safe and checked the code book, whereupon I realised I was being alerted to a ‘live’ BBC Radio 4 programme about ‘gender balance in the boardroom’ , a prime concern of Campaign for Merit in Business https://c4mb.wordpress.com. Quick as a flash – well, after making my midday cup of Earl Grey, obviously – I turned on my radiophonic apparatus. The valves took a few minutes to warm up, but eventually the apparatus was firing on all cylinders. Here’s the full programme, and my modest personal contribution is from about 35:10 – 40:10. I gained the impression that the ladies in the studio would have preferred one not to have contributed to the debate, to be honest…


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