The 30% club celebrates its second anniversary. Hurrah.

My thanks to Tel Aviv-based gender diversity advocate Daniella Alpher for her blog piece on yesterday’s celebration by the 30% club of its second anniversary. Two years of assaulting the British business sector, with the collaboration of many FTSE100 chairmen. Hurrah.

Daniella’s blog piece is here:

The piece contains a photograph of the happy event, and I’ve just sent the following comments to the blog, which hopefully Daniella will allow to be visible to visitors to her blog (she’s been very fair about publishing my comments in the past):

What a happy day for British business. Helena Morrissey is the CEO of Newton Investment Management, she founded and still leads the 30% club, and has nine children (I think the youngest is about four). So it’s understandable she NEVER has time to respond to our challenges, such as a recent one:

It really is about time we presented the Anti-Business Secretary, the odious Vince Cable, with a ‘Toady’ award. Now who’s that near Comrade Cable in the photo? Why, of course… it’s the odious Sir Roger Carr, chairman of Centrica, President of the CBI, founder member of the 30% club. He can’t hand over power to poorly-qualified women fast enough, can he? Ironically, he doesn’t personally maintain that ‘improving’ gender diversity on boards improves companies’ financial performance, but he says it leads to improved ‘meeting atmospherics’, which must be nice for him, if not for Centrica’s shareholders. Now we’ve presented HIM with a ‘Toady’, or at least our associated campaign, the Anti-Feminism League, has:

Have a nice day.

Mike Buchanan


Here’s the 30% club’s press release on the event:

There’s barely a paragraph in the press release I couldn’t comment on, but I’d only be repeating myself.



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