Invitation to give oral evidence at the House of Commons inquiry into ‘Women in the Workplace’

In an earlier post we provided a link to the written submissions provided to the House of Commons inquiry into ‘Women in the Workplace’. Three submissions could be considered as being complementary, in that they challenge the policy direction of the current and previous administrations: ours, Steve Moxon’s and Swayne O’Pie’s.

I’ve been invited to give oral evidence to the inquiry’s select committee, as one of a panel of between three and five people, at 11.00 on 20 November. Two other people have already confirmed their willingness  to be on the panel. The first is the renowned sociologist Catherine Hakim, well-known as the creator of Preference Theory (2000), which in our view explains most of the gender ‘imbalance’ we see in the higher reaches of businesses. An earlier post on the matter:

The second person is Steve Moxon, a researcher, writer and campaigner. The Woman Racket (2008) is a ‘must read’ for anyone wishing to understanding how (and why) the genders relate to, and operate in, the workplace. The book covers numerous other gender-related matters in addition. If you read the book, the realities of intra- and inter-gender interactions will make more sense. And you’ll understand why efforts to achieve equality of gender outcomes in the senior reaches of major organisations make efforts to push water uphill with a stick seem sensible by comparison.

The meeting will be open to the public, and I hope to meet some of you there. The event will be televised, and we’ll provide a link to the video in due course. A good day for the campaign.

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