EU is forced to abandon plans for 40% female quotas on boards

Some good news, and my thanks to Steve, Tony and Ulrika for being the first of many to bring it to our attention. Presumably it will be in all the papers tomorrow, but the following is a link to the story on Daily Mail Online:

From the article:

It would appear that EU plans to legislate minimum 40% quotas for women on major corporate boards have been scrapped due to a legal technicality. The EU’s legal service said countries cannot be obliged to reach the 40 per cent female quota, but can ensure that more is done to address gender bias on boards.

‘Countries… can ensure that more is done to address gender bias on boards.’ Note the supposition of ‘gender bias’, or in common parlance, that baseless conspiracy theory, the ‘glass ceiling’. Let’s not fool ourselves that the battle is over. It will never be over, because we’re fighting an ideology, not a rationally-argued position. Ideologies can’t be defeated, but with effort and commitment their manifestations can be thwarted, time after time.

This begs the question of whether the British government could act upon its threats to impose legislated quotas on FTSE100 company boards if they didn’t reach 25% female representation by 2015. Sadly that increasingly looks like an irrelevant question, given those companies are collectively heading for an average of 30% female representation by 2015. Many of them have chairmen who are members of the 30% club. The day is coming when these men will be publicly and collectively vilified for their indifference to the interests of their companies, their companies’ shareholders, and the British business sector more widely… all in the name of a social engineering exercise.

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