Quentin Letts – our favourite columnist

Quentin Letts is without doubt our favourite columnist at the campaign headquarters in Bath. In the past he’s given exposure to both Campaign for Merit in Business and our sister campaign (or should that be brother campaign?), the Anti-Feminism League. In his column in today’s issue of the Daily Mail, in a piece titled, ‘Jobs for the boys in the right-on brigade’, he writes:

The politically-correct tokenism gang is heading to the Tory conference in Birmingham. Politeia, a supposedly Right-of-centre think-tank, is to hold a meeting that will consider quotas of women on company boards.

Dig into the matter and it is surprising how rum it all is. Tuesday’s ‘Women In The Boardroom’ event, which will be attended by Equalities Minister Helen Grant (she occupies Ann Widdecombe’s old seat of Maidstone), will be addressed by six women and just one man. I say, that’s a bit unbalanced, isn’t it?

It has been organised by Politeia’s director, Sheila Lawlor. She is the only woman at the top of her think-tank. Politeia’s ‘patron’ and ‘consultant director’ are both blokes. So are all members of its three ‘advisory councils’ (such grand titles they have!). Trousered Berties all 18 of them.

Another of the speakers at the Tuesday moan-in will be Helena Morrissey, founder of Newton Investment Management. Only two of its six top executives are female. Newton is owned by America’s BNY Mellon bank. Its board of 12 contains just two women.

Let us take another of Politeia’s crusaders for women in boardrooms, Stephen Haddrill, head of the Financial Reporting Council. His executive management (a team of 11) contains only three women. Before these people campaign for a law on female-director quotas, should they not put their own firms in order?

One person most definitely not invited to Tuesday’s event (despite his request to be allowed to speak) is Mike Buchanan. He runs the Campaign for Merit in Business, which argues company directors should be appointed on ability, not gender.

‘This sort of Left-wing social engineering can only harm UK plc,’ says Mr Buchanan. The matter of women in boardrooms is hardly of much concern to the blue-collar voters the Tories need to nurture.

A direct link to the column:


Another journalist we admire is the Mail columnist Amanda Platell. From her column today:

The two Transport ministers at the heart of the West Coast Mainline fiasco are both Dave’s Babes. Justine Greening and Theresa Villiers were promoted above more able and experienced men, so the PM could keep up his diversity quota. Their incompetence will cost the nation as much as £100 million. It’s a high price to pay for a couple of faded tweed skirts and fake pearls around the Cabinet table, Dave.

A direct link to the column:


Our warmest thanks to both Quentin Letts and Amanda Platell, as well as another excellent Mail columnist, Simon Heffer, who has a short piece in today’s paper about the sorry impact of equality drives in Whitehall. So, that’s three mentions of the topic closest to our hearts in one popular newspaper in one day. Life doesn’t get much better than this…

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