‘Improving’ gender diversity – a socialist initiative

I recently posted a piece about ‘improving’ gender balance in the boardroom being socialism’s Trojan Horse:


I’m grateful to Georgina for pointing me towards a piece on Guido Fawkes’s blog about PES Women, the women’s section of the Party of European Socialists, which has called for companies that don’t have more than 40% female board members to be dissolved. PES Woman president Zita Gurmai extolled:

‘Aspirations are not enough. We need concrete targets to be met (40% of women on boards) and concrete consequences if those targets are missed. The crisis must not be an excuse for not including more women in decision-making positions.’

The link to the piece on Guido Fawkes’s blog:


None of the Norwegian companies which delisted following the introduction of quotas for women on boards have relisted. Are we heading towards a future in which companies that follow socialist thinking (by ‘improving’ gender diversity in their senior reaches) gradually fail, and companies which don’t follow socialist thinking delist and succeed?


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