Freedom of Information Act request: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

I’ve just emailed the following to DBIS, via their dedicated FoI request email address It should be self-explanatory, and I look forward to sharing their response with you in due course.

Good afternoon. In recent months I’ve written twice to Vince Cable in connection with the topic of ‘improving’ gender diversity on boards (letters below).
The second letter has been passed onto your Helen Whitehead for a formal response, which I hope to receive shortly (I believe she only returned to work today, after a holiday). To date, not a shred of evidence has been provided to us by politicians or civil servants – or anyone else, for that matter – to substantiate claims that ‘improved’ gender diversity on boards causes (rather than may sometimes possibly correlate with) enhanced corporate financial performance. This lack of evidence isn’t surprising, however, given the evidence that ‘improving’ gender diversity on boards leads to a decline in corporate performance:
I was recently interviewed on the matter on BBC Radio 4:
I am writing to request under the Freedom of Information Act, the evidence base supporting the government’s claims of a causal link between increasing the proportion of women on corporate boards, and enhanced corporate financial performance. Thank you.

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