My lecture at The Institute of Economic Affairs

Yesterday I gave my lecture at the IEA, and the reception it received was far more positive than I could possibly have hoped for. Many in the capacity audience (60 people) were supporters of ‘improved’ gender diversity in the boardroom – some professionally so – so I was expecting some hostility to the points I was making. But the reception was very polite, and a very calm and rational Q&A session followed. My thanks to the IEA for hosting this event. It’s a most impressive think-tank, prepared to give exposure to this topic at a time when other leading think-tanks are unwilling to host debates about gender-related matters.

The following is the handout given to attendees when they arrived at the event:

120829 IEA handout

I’m not planning at this stage to make the contents of the lecture publicly available. If you have an interest in me making the presentation, please email me at to let me know. I’m particularly interested to give the presentation to senior people at major companies.


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