Katie Hopkins wins a ‘Maggie’ award

Many of you will be familiar with Katie Hopkins, possibly through her appearance on The Apprentice. The following is drawn from her website http://katiehopkins.co.uk.

Katie Hopkins – the undisputed star of BBC One show The Apprentice – and self-styled Alpha Female, shot to fame as the only candidate ever to say ‘no’ to Sir Alan Sugar – making a spectacular boardroom exit witnessed by over six million viewers. Katie (32) divided the nation with her caustic put-downs and no-nonsense attitude. She became well-known for her pithy one-liners and her ability to ‘tell it like it is’.

An economist by background, Katie is a graduate of The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Working for ten years as a jet-setting brand consultant Katie has lived and worked across the globe in London, Tokyo and New York advising luxury brands on how to deliver exceptional business performance.

Katie’s the sort of strong, capable, independently-minded woman we want in the senior levels of our businesses, competing fairly with men rather than seeking special treatment to get appointed to the boards of our major companies. And for this reason I’m pleased to announce the estimable Ms Hopkins has accepted the first ‘Maggie’ award ever presented by Campaign for Merit in Business:

120819 Maggie award for Katie Hopkins

We wish Katie a lengthy and successful career.

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