Women’s work/life balance – my Voice of Russia interview

Louise Mensch, 41, became a Conservative MP in 2010 after being an ‘A-lister’ and selected from an all-women prospective parliamentary candidate shortlist. A fine example of the social engineering of which David Cameron is so fond. Only six months ago Mensch complained in a magazine interview of not being promoted to a senior position, but a week ago announced she was giving up politics after just two years to live with her rich American husband, and her children from an earlier marriage, in New York. The result of all this is expected to be a by-election defeat for the Conservatives. Nice one, Dave.

Voice of Russia asked me in again for a recorded discussion, this time about women’s choices with respect to work and home life. In the studio with me was Lynne Burnham, Secretary of ‘Mothers at Home Matter’. The link to the discussion:


One thought on “Women’s work/life balance – my Voice of Russia interview

  1. Mike, thanks for telling me about the programme. I heard it right the way through and thought it went very well. It’s all a bit surprising that ‘Russia Today’ and ‘Voice of Russia’ come up with such good journalism. I wonder what their agenda is. Along with other people, I find it hard to believe that the nature of the Bear has changed. That lady on the phone claimed that the hours of Parliament were set so that MPs could spend their days in their clubs and then go on to the Commons with the nannies putting their children to bed for them. Hogwash!! Tell that to Dennis Skinner and a good many other MPs from working class backgrounds! I had never heard of “Mothers at Home Matter” before listening to the programme, but the Daily Mail referred to them in an article on 16 April 2012 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2130387/Motherhood-close-abolition–American-women-fighting-back.html. The same article also mentioned Catherine Hakim:

    Feminists do not want to be reminded that most women still put aspirations for motherhood and family first. That is despite 30 years of non-stop indoctrination and social policies to support work and ‘equality’. Catherine Hakim, an LSE sociologist whose research demonstrated this, ended up a persona non grata, ostracized by the academic community. She found from extensive surveying that only a minority of women have aspirations to break the ‘glass ceiling’. This points to the true aim of social engineering: the destruction of society, starting with the family unit, and here’s what somebody wrote in the comments section of that same article:

    It is no accident that the most strident feminists come from the left of politics. To destroy the system that has lasted for centuries they go for one of the pillars that support that system, the mother of the family raising and guiding the next generation while her partner does the easy bit of providing the cash! The home mother and her standards, experience and wisdom provide a major obstacle to the brainwashing of the untutored young and divorcing them from their parents’ societies and experience, the generation gap that seems to be their sole aim, and which is now responsible for so much discord in our current society! I must have told you several times already that I could see some 35 years ago that Feminism could damage family life. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Kind regards Ray

    Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 09:17:28 +0000 To: ray_russell44@hotmail.com

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