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We need to talk about Vince Cable… again

July 21, 2012

The Business Secretary continues to talk and write utter nonsense on the topic of gender diversity in the boardroom. Only Lord Davies compares with him as a bullying male proponent of the initiative. On 16 July the Evening Standard published an article by Cable which plumbed new depths, ‘City passivity and prejudice is still sidelining women’. I had to reply:

120721 open letter mailed to Vince Cable

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  1. Well done Mike!
    I’m astonished finding Vince Cable referring to the Catalyst study, a rather ancient piece that is neither methodologically nor scientifically sound. I would rather make an unfounded claim than relying on the Catalyst “study”. Anyway, women in boardrooms naturally is a good thing. I mean, how on earth can it be a bad thing if Vince Cable thinks it is a good thing and Catalyst has shown it. Forget all the evidence that proves the opposite being true.

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