Your invitation to the House of Lords next Monday, 16 July

At 4pm next Monday, 16 July, there will be a meeting of a House of Lords sub-committee reviewing ‘gender balance in the boardroom’, with respect to EU involvement in this area. I’ll be attending the meeting myself as a spectator, and I invite you to join me there (one supporter has already confirmed he’ll do so). If you can join us, please let me know by emailing me at The meeting will be in Committee Room 2, House of Lords, and is scheduled to finish at 6pm. Background information below:

The meeting is open to the public, but the public isn’t permitted to make any points or to present questions. This is unfortunate given that the two most senior people at Cranfield International Centre for Women Leaders, Professor Susan Vinnicombe and Dr Ruth Sealy, will be the ‘witnesses’ examined in the first hour of the meeting. There are a number of questions I’d like to ask them in such a forum, and hopefully I shall one day.

I urge you to respond as soon as possible to the committee’s ‘Call for Evidence’. The deadline for submissions has just passed (10 July) but I’ve been assured that they’ll accept late submissions for a short period. So get your response in TODAY! At the same time, why not take a rare opportunity (in your response) to table a question or questions you’d like the sub-committee to consider, or maybe to ask Prof.Vinnicombe and/or Dr Sealy? Details of how to respond to the ‘Call for Evidence’ are available through the link below. It took me maybe an hour to prepare a response on behalf of Campaign for Merit in Business. Don’t be put off by the questions which assume that gender diversity in the boardroom is intrinsically a ‘good’ thing (most of them do). Make your opinions known. Thank you.

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