A whining journalist at the ‘Times’

I’ve just emailed the following to the Times. Ms Cavendish is an Associate Editor, columnist, and leader writer. Feel free to email your own views to letters@thetimes.co.uk, not forgetting to leave a phone number and postal address.

Will the long-running campaign by women to whine their ways into British boardrooms never cease? I refer to Camilla Cavendish’s piece in today’s issue, ‘Why Barclays won’t have a female boss’. Ms Cavendish opines with respect to an ambitious woman, ‘It makes no sense to let her be permanently derailed if she takes 10 years out to be a full-time mother’.
On the contrary, it makes complete sense. Let’s do a gender switch, shall we? Any man who takes ten years out to be a full-time father (or to do anything else full-time, for that matter) will surely be ‘derailed’ too. Women are far more willing than men to take long periods of time out of the workplace to look after young children. The majority of women recognise this as a rewarding thing to do – family finances permitting – both for themselves and their children. It’s simply not the onerous duty portrayed by work-centred feminists. Women will therefore be disproportionately impacted by long absences from the workplace. An absence of ten years (or even markedly less, in truth) from the workplace must place individuals (of either gender) at a disadvantage in the fast-moving world of business.
Please, no more whining articles about this topic. We’ve had more than enough of them over the years.

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