Men collaborating with women to disadvantage other men

My thanks to Fred for pointing out an organisation I’d not heard of before, ‘Equality Edge’ Set up in 2006 by a man who now has ‘over 25 years’ experience as an equality practitioner’. Give me strength. 25 years of collaborating with women to disadvantage men.

From the background details for a forthcoming event they’re facilitating, ‘Men in Management’:

Expectations have changed and traditional male behaviours are no longer suitable in today’s workplace.

Or in plain English: ‘Men must start to think and act, how women think and act’. Appalling. Appalling. APPALLING.

I shall invite the man who runs this business to provide evidence of a causal link between greater gender diversity and corporate performance but, hey, we know what will be provided, don’t we? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Rien. Diddly bloody squat. As always…

How many more passengers can the ‘gender diversity’ gravy train possibly carry, before UK plc is irreversibly damaged?

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