Swayne O’Pie’s book now available in an ebook edition

Some good news. Regular visitors to this blog will be aware that Swayne O’Pie’s book Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism was published in October 2011, and an international edition made published in late May 2012 with the title Exposing Feminism: The Thirty Years’ War Against Men. The content of the book will be of interest to anyone with a general interest in modern feminism, but the book includes a lot of content specifically related to women in the world of work, including the following 14 chapters:

Women Choose Lower Pay and Lower Status

Women’s Work Ethic and Choice of Options

Women Choose a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Women Choose to Take Career Breaks

Women Choose to Work Fewer Hours: and Fewer Unsocial Hours

Women Choose to Work in Fulfilling Jobs

Women Choose to Avoid Stressful Work

Women Choose to Avoid Promotion

Women Choose ‘Women’s Work’

Women Choose to Avoid ‘Men’s Work’: The Unhealthy and Dangerous Jobs

The Pay-Off for the Pay and Promotion Gap

Feminism Changes the Rules: ‘Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value’

Equality of Outcome

Top Jobs for the Sisters: Can Positive Discrimination be Justified?

The book’s just been published in an ebook edition for the first time, with the title Exposing Feminism. Although available only in a Kindle (MOBI) edition, a number of e-readers other than Kindle can download it. It can also be read on PCs and Macs with free-to-download Kindle reading software from Amazon, which works very well. It’s on all Amazon websites so far as I can see, including the following. Amazon reserves the right to change prices over time. The paperback edition is in A4 format with 458 pages, so the ebook edition is very good value for money.

UK (£7.16):


US ($9.95):


France (Euro 8.70):


Germany (Euro 8.70):


Italy (Euro 8.70):


Spain (Euro 8.70):


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