You couldn’t make it up… the response of a FTSE100 company to my invitation to the IEA

Regular visitors to this blog will be aware that I recently invited senior people – mainly CEOs – from major companies to attend my presentation on gender diversity in the boardroom, and in senior executive positions more generally, at The Institute of Economic Affairs on 29 August. Today I had an email response from the secretary of the CEO of a FTSE100 company. She explained that my invitation ‘was passed to the Group HR Director’. Whether the CEO was made aware of my invitation, was not made clear, but ’The Group HR Director does not have any interest in attending the presentation’. I then enquired whether this person might want one of two colleagues to attend. The CEO’s secretary’s response is as follows. Honestly, I’m not making this up:

We are currently looking at gender diversity in the workplace, so don’t feel this would be of interest.

I’ve emailed back to explain that they should have an interest precisely because they’ll otherwise only hear one side of the argument. I don’t imagine I’ll get a response.

I’m glad I’m not a shareholder in this company, bent as it is – like most FTSE100 companies – on a social engineering experiment which can only harm UK plc, and the rest of the country by extension.

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