More women in the boardroom: David Cameron ‘is doing a lot behind the scenes’

So now we know about David Cameron’s current involvement in the ‘women in the boardroom’ campaign (below). Nobody who has any grasp of the extent of his pro-feminist leanings – a matter I covered in David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman? (2010) – will be remotely surprised.

Helena Morrissey is one of the high-profile people, mainly women – aided and abetted by a dismal band of supine senior businessmen, politicians, and the CBI,  who should know better – pushing for ‘more women in the boardroom’. She’ll be a key speaker in next Wednesday’s Financial Times seminar ‘Women on Boards’ (the subject of an earlier post). The following article in the Independent of 2 March 2012 was attributed to her:

In her article Ms Morrissey stated, apparently without irony, ‘… in my view, quotas are not only needless but potentially damaging’. She conveniently omits to mention that the prime reason companies are falling over themselves to ‘improve’ female representation in the boardroom is that the government (and David Cameron in particular) have consistently threatened to impose quotas for women if companies don’t ‘voluntarily’ appoint more female directors. As I’ve pointed out before, there’s an Orwellian slant to the word ‘voluntarily’ in this context: ‘Do this voluntarily, chaps, or we’ll force you to, yah?’

All this follows the woeful Davies Report of February 2011. Let’s remind ourselves that Cameron appointed Lord Davies of Abersoch (a Labour peer) to report into the ‘problem’ of women in the boardroom. You couldn’t make it up, could you? The content of the Davies report is so left-wing and pro-feminist as to almost defy belief. For a copy of the report, click on:

It would appear from Helena Morrissey’s article that there’s a declining prospect of quotas. While this is welcome, it doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going on here. Why threaten senior businessmen with quotas, when they’ve already surrendered to the militant feminists’ demands? No need to kick them when they’re already down, they might just start to fight back. (You can but hope).

From Ms Morrissey’s article:

‘Even if these voluntary steps are starting to work, should the government do more to speed up change? The Prime Minister is already doing a lot behind the scenes [Editor’s note: the highlighting of this astonishing sentence is mine].  As well as high-profile events like the reception he hosted at No.10 last October for women in business, David Cameron and his team have been working on several ideas to support business-led initiatives. For many months, they’ve been working with the 30% Club to broaden mentoring programmes and help create a database of ‘board-ready’ women [Editor’s note: again, the highlighting is mine].’

This is nothing less than a conspiracy against men in general and the business sector in particular, the only wealth-generating sector in the country, led by David Cameron. All in the name of a social engineering experiment which can only damage UK plc, maybe irreparably. Nice one, Dave.

I invite the shareholders and directors of British businesses to stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, and refuse to go along with this diabolical initiative any longer.

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